You’ve got questions?

You are not alone!

Here’s a list of of the most commonly asked questions and their answers to provide you with the information quickly and allow you to make an informed decision!

Where are My Buddy Gard servers located?

My Buddy Gard Servers are located in Sydney, Australia. All our customers data remains in Australia

How is the software & data protected from hackers?

Our software is protected by using secure SSL certificates on our websites and tracking platform to keep nosy perpetrators away from any of your data. On top of that we implemented 256bit encryption codes to our tracking devices to eliminate the possibility to bypass our systems and communicate with our trackers outside My Buddy Gard systems. Most other GPS tracking companies haven’t implemented that and knowing the correct commands will easily give perpetrators access to your tracking devices

Which networks do My Buddy Gard devices use?

My Buddy Gard only uses 4G LTE networks from Spark. While majority of other companies are still using 3G WCDMA networks. (Telstra has already started switching off their 3G networks read more click HERE)

Don’t buy an obsolete product and do your research. My Buddy Gard offer only 4G LTE and higher network products.

Why should I choose My Buddy Gard over other GPS providers

All our products have gone through months of real world testing to make sure they are safe to use for you and your loved ones. And we have only decided to provide 4G and better network products because older networks like 3G will be switched off in near future read more from HERE

Don’t risk with your family members and assets by purchasing a device from companies that are still selling old technology

It’s best to purchase future ready 4G LTE GPS products only

What is a Geo Fence?

A GEO Fence is virtual border around a real location. This invisible perimeter can be just about any size, and any shape. A user draws a line or a circle around a desired area. As soon as the GPS device linked to this area either enters or exits the area, then you’ll be notified.

Want to know what time your child gets to school or leaves school/home?

Set up a geo fence around your home and schol using My Buddy Gard tracking platform and it will notify you as soon as your child enters/leaves the targeted area.?

Instructions on how to set up a Geo Fence found from HERE

What does SOS button do?

By clicking on the SOS button the device sends out a distress signal to our tracking app, calls the allocated phone number and sends out SMS or email

Use this function when in trouble and call for help with just a click of a button

Does Car Buddy have any battery protection?

Let’s say you have installed the Car Buddy into your classical car and want to take it for a spin on the weekend but found that the battery is flat.?
With my Car Buddy tracker installed you don’t have to worry about it draining you battery as if the vehicle hasn’t been used for more than 1 day, then it will go into a sleep mode and it will send just one location per day until the car’s ignition is turned on again or there the is any type of vibration in the car EG. you have sat down in the car. The Car Buddy tracker automatically wakes itself up and starts sending data back to the platform asap.