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Mandy W


I requested a smartwatch for my daughter who has autism through the NDIS program My Buddy Gard has been a huge help not only can we make sure she is safe when she is away from us by knowing exactly where she is but at the same time giving her her sense of independence she has also called me when she has been excited about something and wants to tell me right there and then and when she does some shopping and needs me to pick her up so she doesn’t have to carry it home but most importantly if Sarah is ever feeling threatened or unsafe she knows all she needs to do is call SOS on her watch thank you, Buddy Gard!

Clarence Y


Thanks to Buddygard. My ASD brother has had an adult phone watch for 12 months. It has made a wonderful difference to his life being able to communicate to family like a mobile phone, but without having the distractions a normal mobile phone presents to young people.

Sheriden W


I can’t speak highly enough about the team at My Buddy Gard!

Firstly ordering the watch for a dementia patient in Aged Care was a breeze.

Secondly, the team went out of their way with zoom meetings to assist us in setting up the watch for use. Special thanks to Lou for her patience and understanding.

Thirdly, we were faced with the sad situation of being told by the Aged Care facility that our patient would need to be moved into the Memory Support unit and would no longer be able to go out alone. This meant the watch could not be used. My Buddy Gard refunded us on the return of the watch which was unused and still in the box.

This type of service and empathy is rare in this day and age of firm Terms and Conditions. Thank you so much to everyone involved.

Jessica A


Beyond exceptional customer service!

Got this watch for my dad who suffers from dementia and the location and notification services are a fantastic way of feeling more confident leaving him when needed and tracking his whereabouts!

Very slick design my dad absolutely loves it! The company is always there to efficiently look after you when needed and guide you through the best way to use the watch.

Would definitely recommend it. 🙂

Emily S


PAID FOR ITSELF!! We bought this after my 10yo non verbal son with ASD and ID discovered he could leave the house and walk to family members homes.

Today after having the watch for 3 days he found a set of keys and opened the back gate and went for a walk.

My go-to was to see where he was on the app. I jumped in my neighbours car and we followed the tracker.

He was 2.2km away somewhere I never would her thought he would have gone. The downside is the 2min the satellites take to register a new location.

The geofence is getting some use to but I know for sure it would have been a longer and more painful day if it weren’t for this tracker.

Bodil S


Lou and Simon were extremely helpful in setting this up for us and my sister has dementia so we now have some peace of mind knowing we can help her if she needs us. Thank you so much.

Joshua A


Really great product. Such friendly and accessible setup support. The staff truly cared about us as customers and tried to find ways to improve our customer experience.

Overall a fantastic experience, I’d strongly recommend the product especially if you are caring for someone with special needs.

Rory J


I highly recommend this first-class company! My experience has been 110% positive. Their products are of top quality, while the software and user interface is easy to use. My buddy Gard’s ongoing customer support has been outstanding. Thank you.

Erin B


I have purchased the Kids Buddy Guard for my son and had an implementation session with the My Buddy Guard team yesterday to help set the watch up. Simon was so helpful, walking me through all of the watch features and explaining how to use each function. I particularly like the gps tracking and geofencing features. My son feels great knowing that he can contact me if he needs to and is finding the watch easy to use.

Kobee C


Thank you to simon and the my buddy gard team for helping me set up the adult watch for my elderly father.

I got this watch for my father to ease my mind for when im at work or away. And it is amazing. So simple and easy to use for older people. I love that i can access it remotely to make sure he is ok.

Huge thank you for creating something for the elderly and people with disabilities.
Highly recommended

Warren W


Great product, my Buddy Gard Watch. After experiencing a minor set up problem, due to my lack of technical knowledge, the My Buddy team stepped in and have guided me through a full set up, with ease, and extreme professionalism.

The service I have received has been exceptional. As for the Watch, it is a godsend for us, I walk many kilometres a day, and my wife has always been concerned, as I have congenital Heart Disease, that I may have an unexpected problem, while out there with my dog, this item has given her a sense of relief, that she knows I am only a touch of a button away…

Thanks, My Buddy Gard, you have given me, as they say, a happy wife, happy life.



Really great customer service and onboarding to help you get set up. We have the Pet Buddy Gard and we love the extra piece of mind we have knowing if our girl escapes or gets lost we can easily track her. Once set up it’s really easy to use.

Sarah T


I have not been able to leave my house alone since being attacked a few years ago. I have seen so many different technologies but none ever has given me control and independently empowered me to feel safe in the world. The guidance and setup can be easy even for those who are not tech savvy, help is only an appointment away, and you will get all the help you need to get you started.

I feel I have a secret weapon that’s able to send out help whether I accidentally fall, as I also have a walking frame which can be a major challenge to grab my phone when falls happen. This device picks up falls so there’s no need to do anything it sends out your SOS and helps will find you wherever you are.

Thank you so much to Simon and My Buddy Gard Team.

Jim B


The Buddy Gard pendant has an ideal set of features and is easy for the wearer to use. (Mostly all they need to do is wear it, while their loved ones can easily check where they are when they have moved into or out of a safe area, and so on.) In an emergency, it calls a family member’s phone at the press of a single button. Plus much more…

It is not entirely intuitive to set it up, but any idiosyncrasies are more than compensated by the very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful tech support team.

Megan P


I can say firsthand that My buddy Gard is truly a lifesaver for my family, without the device both pendant and watch my 9-year-old daughter may not have been found. She is a constant absconder and recently on a weekend took off from her NDIS carers in the city. While police were called, and they were searching for her they were not able to find her. I logged on to my portal to locate her however I had issues. Immediately I called My Buddy Gard but was concerned being the weekend no one would be there, like previous devices I have used. However, they immediately answered and stayed on the phone while we sorted out the issue and located her. This was immediately communicated to the police and she was found within minutes. She was found quite a distance away from where she took off and the police mentioned they had not even thought to look in that area.

Again, the customer service went above and beyond helping me and even followed up afterwards to ensure she was safe. Hence, I said it is a lifesaver for my family and would highly recommend it to any family with or without disabilities. They also are coming up with additional upgrades and I look forward to them. I have less of a fear of letting her go somewhere now she is wearing her Buddy watch and pendant. From my family to My Buddy Gard THANK YOU !!! It truly changed what could have been an awful and tragic outcome to a family reunited, and my child safe and sound.

Helen K


We bought an adult buddy gard watch for our adult son. It seems to work great and the team at my buddy gard offer great support.

Rasmus P


Precision of the tracking is amazing. It was very easy to set up the application and use the platform!

Wilma S


Services for My Buddy Gard tracker was excellent and very quick. Thanks for your efficient services. I have already started recommending your services to others in future.

Carolyn J


Very happy so far with the excellent assistance we have had from Simon setting up My Buddy Gard. Also, the prompt delivery and service. Still learning though.

Sofi S


Simon was so helpful in setting up the watch for my mum, very clear in his instructions. Super informative! Thank you Simon.

Jack W


The technical service is phenomenal. Really appreciate the on boarding zoom call to set up the watch. Also get a sense that the staff is passionate and genuinely care. Although slightly pricier than the other watches, it is worth every penny.

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