What can my Buddy Gard Do?

We provide a safety net using 4G GPS Trackers combined with our unique
“Track Map” which offers an instant overview of where your loved ones and valuables are at all times.

Our “Track Map” has got you covered!

Do you need help with the juggle of keeping your loved ones safe?

Do you worry about your car getting stolen?

Would you like to feel more in control 24/7 ?

Well here’s how My Buddy Gard can help!

Simply add your Buddy Tracker and any smart devices to our “Track Map” to give you the ability to find, monitor and set boundaries for each device.
it’s like having your own personal body guard that helps keep your loved ones safe 24/7


With the ability to customize EVERYTHING!
You can set different methods of getting notified.
Set on one device or set it across all your devices at once!

Below you’ll find some features and benefits with using Track Map Rules Engine

SOS Function

Allows your loved one to “Call for help” the moment they are distressed. You can talk to them instantly and give reassurance or direction.

Location Accuracy

Only numbers you’ve added to your contact list & SOS number can call the tracker. All other calls are automatically blocked.

Boundary Alerts

You can set multiple geo fences (Safe Zones and ‘No Go Zones’) and be alerted the instant one is breached.

Find Function

Lost the watch inside the house or is your child hiding? Make the watch emit loud sound to Find the device.

Rules Engine

Allows you to fully customise and personalise your tracking experience. Add your own rules, triggers and notification options (SMS/Email & more).

Listen-In Function

Worried about your loved one is being bullied or treated unfairly? Simply activate the listen in feature and find out!


Only numbers you’ve added to your contact list & SOS number can call the tracker. All other calls are automatically blocked.

Fall Detection

Automatically make a phone call to the SOS number if your loved one had taken a fall. Only available on the Adult Watch.

4G LTE Network

All of the My Buddy Gard GPS trackers operate using 4G ensuring the best coverage available!

Make & Receive Phone Calls

Watch can call up to 10 preset phone numbers or simply call the watch from your smartphone.

Lowest EMR

With Oregone Effects EMR Harmonizer on Buddy Watch you’ll minimize the Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR).

Water Resistant (IP67)

Our Buddy Watch 4G is water resistant and can even be worn while taking a shower.

Long Battery Life

Buddy GPS Tracking Watch has a long life lithium battery that can last up to 5 days standby.

Location History

3 months of stored location history – look back over to discover a pattern of behaviour.

WiFi Tracking

Helps to locate your Buddy tracker within a 50-meter radius if no GPS signal is available.

WiFi Connection Alerts

Set your Buddy Tracker to notify you as it enters or leaves the designated WiFi hotspot for an extra layer of protection.