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Where did you hear about us?

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My Buddy Gard’s

Pet Buddy Tracker

Make sure your Fur Baby has a Buddy Pet Tracker and NEVER come home to an empty backyard again!

Pets are an integral part of most people’s lives. We know you know that. You live it!

So you’d also know that the safety of people’s pets has now become a top priority.

Pet owners are scared to leave their pets alone. Because the fact of the matter is…

Pets go missing. A lot!

And there are many reasons why….

  • They get scared of loud noises like fireworks or a car backfiring.
  • Not enough activity (a daily walk was missed).
  • Lonely, sad and home alone while you are out; how long the day must feel!
  • Some pets are social and keen to find some new playmates.
  • Some don’t know or understand where their boundary fence is.
  • Some are rule-breakers. You know the cheeky type!
  • And some have an adventurous streak and need to explore the world!

4G LTE Network

3G phasing out has already begun, My Buddy Gard decided to offer futureproof 4G GPS Pendants only!

Water Resistant (IP67)

If your pet is caught in the rain, no problem but no swimming.

SOS Function

Lost dog? keychain directs good samaritan to push SOS button to talk to pets owner

Listen-In Function

Listen in and find out how your fur baby is going at any time!





Buddy Pendant
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“Find” function

Lost the pendant inside the house or is your fur baby hiding? Make the pendant emit loud sound to Find the device

Boundary Alerts

Set up multiple Geo-Fence areas (Safe Zones & No Go Zones) to alert you when they are breached

Long Life Battery

Buddy GPS Tracking Pendant has long life lithium battery

Best Coverage

All our Buddy Trackers come with a Telstra Sim Card for BEST COVERAGE

We Offer

Free Express Delivery

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Onboarding

No Lock-In Contracts Cancel Anytime!

What our Customers are Saying…

We are the most loved and trusted personal and pet GPS tracking brand!
Here’s what our customers are saying….

Our Product Range

We don’t just do Pet Trackers!

My Buddy Gard is the leading GPS tracking company for people living with any neuro-diverse condition.

  • Adults Watches
  • Kids Watches
  • Pendant
  • And Car and Asset GPS Trackers

When it comes to a loved one’s safety, you deserve to have the best system available!